Leading label manufacturer, Source Labels, has been shortlisted for an industry-renowned Solutions Award, recognising its revolutionary UtroqueTMdouble-sided labelling system- the most significant breakthrough in label manufacture for half a century.  

It marks the company’s second award shortlisting for Utroquein recent weeks, reinforcing the ground-breaking nature of Source Labels’ technological achievement. Utroque is a revolution in eco-friendly printing, using both sides of the release liner, and represents the biggest environmental and cost reduction in label innovation in 50 years. The technology has been shortlisted in the Solutions for Labels category.

Utroque reduces release liner consumption by 50 per cent, material weight by up to 40 percent and can be added to existing labelling lines with minimal or no adjustment, no decline in productivity and no capital expenditure, enabling hassle-free implementation

Tim Lowe, Source Labels Managing Director, said: “It is extremely gratifying to have once again been shortlisted for Utroque, first in the UK Packaging Awards and now the Solutions Awards, acknowledging just how revolutionary this technological achievement is.

“Utroque offers a simple yet effective solution, delivering huge benefits in terms of both environmental and cost reduction and providing a compelling win-win for companies looking to shrink their carbon footprint and embrace green practices.”

Organised annually by Earth Island, the Solutions Awards celebrate innovation in developing ‘solutions’ to creatively and effectively solve problems, whether for entrants own businesses or for their customers. The awards are open to companies from across the packaging industry who have used creative thinking and business practices to obtain the best possible solution.

The winners will be announced at a prestigious awards ceremony at the Café de Paris, London on November 13, 2018.