3D Visual Brand Protection and Global Product Authentication

3D Authenticated provides instant recognition without the need for special lighting or reading devices, the eye-catching floating images at multiple levels do not require consumer interaction but do provide a security feature that is actually seen and recognised.

“FAKES” and counterfeit cost the global industry £461 billion


Our Labels use micro lens technology, so complex, it’s impossible to copy

Unique numbering, barcode / QR Code, RFID / NFC, tamper evident VOID liner, Security slits and perforation are optional added features that can be incorporated into the 3D label.


Global Product Authentication

Source Labels has partnered with GPAS, the Global Product Authentication Service.

The three main benefits to GPAS:

1. Easier traceability.

2. Increased supply chain visibility

3. Greater consumer engagement

How GPAS works
GPAS is a cloud-based brand protection service that’s ultra-secure, easy to track and trace and effective at raising consumer engagement levels.

With GPAS, each product is individually serialised and can be further protected by a unique, anti-counterfeit guilloche label.

The system features a QR barcode/GS1 Data Matrix which can be easily scanned by consumer smartphones to confirm the product’s authenticity. It’s a simple, quick process that creates valuable consumer data with high business intelligence value.

3D microlens material can also be incorporated into the label for extra security.

A GPAS Command & Control Dashboard gives you full visibility.

Real-time alerts and notifications of illicit activity provide “situational awareness” to enable you to act fast against counterfeiters/illegal activity.

Individually 3D microlens technology and GPAS satisfy a specific purpose but combined provide a comprehensive and unparalleled anti-counterfeit and marketing function.


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