A game changing and compelling label innovation

A label construction that significantly reduces the impact on the environment.

That reduces the cost of the label.

Every day thousands of kilometres of release liner are dispensed with.

But our remarkable, yet simple patented innovation is to use both sides of the release liner.

If all labels were supplied on both sides of a release liner this would save enough backing liner to wrap around the earth over a 1000 times per year!

The results.

Up to 25% cost reduction
50% reduction in release liner
40% reduction in the weight of the material
20% reduction in electricity
19% reduction in water
18% reduction in CO2

Case Study

Here is an example citing one of our clients, a major high street café chain, whose conversion to labels on both sides of a release liner has reduced the amount liner consumed by 3000 miles or nearly 5000 kilometres.

Are you willing to join the revolution?

No Capital expenditure

No or minimal adjustment to the label applicator

No reduction in productivity