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+44 18 92 54 70 00

GPAS – a cloud based QR code anti counterfeit and brand protection, track & trace and consumer engagement service

  • The QR code system incorporates a URL website address and unique GPAS code
  • GPAS can generate a unique pattern (guilloche) for each code which can be viewed at the website to ensure integrity and prohibit counterfeiting
  • Various information can be stored against each unique code (meta data)
  • GPAS records individual scan information
  • The QR code can have scan count measurement set up with a deactivation limit set
  • The QR can provide geo location.

HP Indigo metallised print – The addition of silver extends the run of new HP inks following the launch of a neon pink, green and blue.

Dome print metallised foil on a raised tactile screen adhesive to provide a stunning added premium effect

3D and Lenticular – an attractive visual anti-counterfeit solution. By simply looking at the 3D security labels the consumer will instantly recognize they are buying a genuine product. There is no need for special lighting or reading devices to authenticate the product.

Sticker on label application we have developed a bespoke capability to apply at high speed a self-adhesive label onto a web format in vast numbers whilst maintaining accurate registration.

Diplo Eco Labels – surely the biggest label innovation since the invention of self-adhesive labels, reducing the material waste generated by labels (the release liner) by 50% – click here for further information