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+44 18 92 54 70 00

Below are just some of our product capabilities, our knowledgeable team can work with you to finalise a specific brief.

  • Diplo ECO labels – labels on both sides of the release Liner
  • Environmentally responsible materials
  • Rock Paper – 100% Tree Free, No Air or Water Pollution, No Acids, Alkali or Bleaches in the production process
  • Colour Matched – screen and digital colour matched labels against your product
  • High Impact High Tactile – screen and dome labels
  • Personalised Labels – where each label can have a unique image and /or code (or barcode)
  • Variable Data Labelling
  • 3D Labels – a stunning patented and unique innovation for brand protection
  • Security Labels
  • Tamper Evident Labels – can have high visibility and a tamper evident or void seal
  • Multi Page Synthetic Peel and Reseal Coupons – where each layer can be a unique shape and size
  • Booklet Labels – are composed of a base labels and re-sealable booklet or leaflet
  • Heat Proof Labels – capable of withstanding 250 degrees
  • RFID Labels – that use radio waves to automatically identify people or objects
  • Sachets